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2nd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Telling Time (to 5 minutes) - CCSS 2.MD.C.7

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. A Matter of Time - Interactive quizzes on the half hour, 15 minute intervals and five minute intervals. Also has story problems. [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom
    2. Bang On Time - Read the time in words then stop the clock when the hands reach the right time.
    3. Clock Shoot - Select level 2 or 3 and aim for the digital clock that matches the analog clock.
    4. Clock Works: Telling the Time - Help fix the clock by indicating the time on the clocks.
    5. ClockMaker - See how long it takes you to identify ten different times.
    6. Clockworks - [5 minute increments at the medium level] Select hour and then minute by clicking on the clock.
    7. Clockwise - Interactive clock from Shodor. Time is shown on a clock face students enter correct time.
    8. ClockWise and Matching Time - Select either of these two activities to practice telling time.
    9. Elapsed Time - Pac-Man style game. Calculate the elapsed time (question appears below the maze) and catch the ghost with the correct time.
    10. Giraffe Dash - Up to twelve-players can play this racing game. Quickly click on the correct answer to power your giraffe.
    11. Giraffe Pull - Up to eight-players can play this tug-of-war game. Quickly select the words that indicate the time on the clock to make your giraffe tug.
    12. Hickory Dickory Clock - Select the clock that shows the correct time.
    13. Interactive Elapsed Time - (3rd grade) Click on "Guess" to play or "See" to get a tutorial. Choose a difficulty level, the speed of the animated clocks, and whether you want to see digital or analog clocks. Determine the amount of time elapsed on the clocks.
    14. Learning Time Clock - Move the hands on the clock to the show the time in each question.
    15. Match the Numerical Time - Click on Play, listen to the time spoken then select the numerical time that matches.
    16. Matching Times - Choose the letter of the phrase on the right that matches the number on the left.
    17. On Time - Set the digital clock to the correct time to answer each question.
    18. Right Time - Interactive web lesson with practice exercises on exploring the meaning of AM and PM while they tell time to the hour and half hour.
    19. Smiley Clock - Click on the Play button. Create a face for Smiley Clock by telling the correct time. Select the answer with the correct time to see a smiley clock appear.
    20. Telling the Time - Look at the time on the round clock and choose the answer that tells the same time.
    21. Telling Time - Drag the five digital times to the correct analog clock, then press Stop the Clock to record your time. (30 minute increments) (15 minute increments) (5 minute increments)
    22. Time Activities - Numerous exercises on clock reading and telling the time with analog and digital clocks.
    23. Time To Go - Interactive web lesson with practice on telling time to the half hour.
    24. Time Teller - Move the clock hands by dragging them to the numbers that show the correct time.
    25. Time Zone - Time-telling game on how to read an analog clock and tell time. Includes concepts of seconds, minutes, hours, A.M. and P.M.
    26. What Time Is It? - For beginners just learning. Click on the digital clock that shows the same time as the analog clock.

  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes
    1. Converting Analog and Digital Clocks - Select the digital clock that shows the time on the analog clock. Ten randomized, self-checking questions.
    2. Half-Hour Quiz - Interactive quiz on half-hours. Ten questions and self-checking. (Interval Time Quiz).
    3. How Much Time? - (30 minute intervals) Determine how much time has passed between the two times shown. (15 minute intervals) (5 minute intervals)
    4. Matching Time - Match the written time with the correct numeric time.
    5. Telling Time in Different Ways - Match the time on the right with the time on the left. Ten questions and self-checking.
    6. Telling Time Quiz - Click to match the times on this Quia quiz.
    7. Telling Time without Numbers - Find the card that indicates the correct time (clocks have no numbers). Ten randomized, self-checking questions.
    8. Telling Time with Word Problems - Quia quiz designed for first/second grade practice with time problems using real life routines and hours of the day.
    9. Time and Logic Quiz - Five word problems with fill-in-the blank answers. Self-checking.

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