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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Telling Time - CCSS 1.MD.B.3

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bang on Time - Read the time in words and stop the clock when the hands match the time.
    2. Clockwise - Interactive clock from Shodor. Time is shown on a clock face and students enter correct time.
    3. Clock Works - Move the hands of the clock to the time shown. [Includes :15, :30, and :45 increments at the basic level].
    4. Identifying Time to the Hour - Compare analog time with digital time.
    5. Match the Time - Identify the time on the face clock and change the digital clock to that time.
    6. Match-Up Time - Match the analog clock with the digital clock.
    7. Stop the Clock - Match digital time to analog clocks, or written time, by dragging the digital clocks, or written time. | To the nearest hour | To the nearest half hour
    8. Telling the Time - Click on the "Stop" button then record the time on the clock.
    9. Telling Time - Select the answer that tells the same time as the round clock. [Quarter hour intervals]
    10. Telling Time: To the Half Hour - Click on the start arrow to begin the game. Select the digital clock that matches the analog clock.
    11. Telling Time: To the Hour - Set the clock to the correct time.
    12. Telling Time with Word Problems - Quia quiz designed for first/second grade practice with time problems using real life routines and hours of the day.
    13. Time Teller - Drag the hands of the clock to the correct time.
    14. Time To Go - Interactive tutorial with practice exercises. Tell time to the half hour.
    15. What Time Is It? - Choose the time on the clock. Click on the clock for the next question.
    16. What Time Will It Be? - Move the hands on the second clock to show what time the question asks.
    17. Willy the Watchdog - Interactive game for two players. Set the clock according to the roll of the die.
  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes-
    1. Listening to Time - Click on "Play" and listen to the time spoken then select the number that matches. Ten questions and self-checking.
    2. Telling Time In Hours and Minutes - Determine the clock on the clock and select the answer that tells the time. Seven questions and self-checking.
    3. Time Quizzes - Click on "Quizzes" at the top and choose from 14 quizzes. Lessons and printable worksheets are also available. Audio is required.

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