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3rd Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Synonyms - CCSS L.3.4

Links verified on 10/18/2015

  1. Concentration Style Synonym Matching
  2. Furious Frogs - Multi-player game practicing synonyms, antonyms or homonyms. Select which one you want to practice and then join a game.
  3. Squanky the Tooth Taker: Tooth Tally - Words are given and the students must select the words that mean the same [synonyms].
  4. Super Synonym Match-up - Matching game from Quia.
  5. Synonym Match - Concentration style game from Quia.
  6. Synonym Matching - Find pairs of words with the same meaning.
  7. Synonym Matching - More practice finding words that mean the same thing.
  8. Synonyms - Click on the blue button to identify the synonyms in the four questions.
  9. Synonyms and Antonyms - A large number of practice quizzes and games.
  10. Word Balloons - Find the synonyms in the balloons and reach the unicorn.

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