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3rd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Symmetry - CCSS 3.G.A.2

Links verified on 7/10/2014

  1. Ask Hannah - Describe symmetry in two-dimensional shapes.
  2. Identify Symmetry - Look at a picture, decide if it has symmetry and then click to find out.
  3. Make a Snowflake - Click within the grid to create a shape.
  4. Make a Symmetrical Pattern - Online device for creating symmetrical shapes.
  5. Reflective Symmetry - Click on a shape and then determine if it has reflective symmetry.
  6. Symmetry Game - A shape is shown and you have to tell how many lines of symmetry it has. Sounds easy, but it can be tricky!
  7. Symmetrizer - A game from PBS kids.

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