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3rd Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Prefixes - CCSS L.3.4.b

Links verified on 10/18/2015

  1. Building Prefixes - Match the word with the correct meaning to make a pair.
  2. Catch The Prefix - Use the arrows to move the wolf left and right to catch the prefixes as they fall. Be careful not to catch a suffix or else you'll lose points.
  3. Create a new word - [Word Works] Add prefix and suffix to words.
  4. Crystal Castle - Prefixes hold the key to building the castle and making it light up.
  5. Fish Tank Game - Type the root, suffix and/or prefix to create a Fish Tank.
  6. Make A Word - Use prefixes to make new words, with new meanings, from words you already know. Use the red up and down arrows to find the prefix that best fits the word provided.
  7. Prefix Matching - Click on the cards to match the prefixes with their meanings.
  8. Prefix Meanings - Drag the prefixes to their correct meaning.
  9. Prefix Skills - Quia games and activities to help learn prefixes.
  10. Using Prefixes - Interactive lesson and quiz.
  11. Word Works - Select the prefix or suffix to add to base word. [Similar to Create a New Word, but different level]

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