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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders



Links verified on 1/1/13

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Adventure Sequences - Select a level and help Molly cross the valley by finding the next term in the sequence. Printable worksheet also available. [New as of 1/1/13]
    2. Brenda's Bedroom Border - Weblesson with practice problems on completing a pattern.
    3. Check Out Cookie - Help Cookie Monster complete the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    4. Complete Parts of the Pattern - Select the answer that completes the pattern sequence. [New as of 1/1/13]
    5. Complete the Pattern - Identify the color that comes next.
    6. Crack the Code - Open the safe by dragging tiles into the gaps in the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    7. Cracker Hacker's Safe - Solve double and triple patterns to crack the code to the safe. [New as of 1/1/13]
    8. Describing Patterns - Determine which pattern of letters reflecting the picture. [New as of 1/1/13]
    9. Flower Frenzy - Select a level and follow the pattern of flowers to fill the pots. [New as of 1/1/13]
    10. Give the Dog a Bone - Find the bone that's hidden in the interactive hundreds chart by clicking on the boxes. Identify the pattern to find the bone quicker with less clicks.
    11. Growing Patterns - Pick the pattern that comes next. [New as of 1/1/13]
    12. Hop, Frog, Hop - Follow the the sequence of lilly pads needed to make the frog hop and repeat the order. [New as of 1/1/13]
    13. How Does My Pattern Grow? - Move the squares to the last plant to make it grow, but be sure to follow the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    14. Identifying Patterns - Click the shape that comes next in the pattern. Hit the enter key to go to the next question. [New as of 1/1/13]
    15. Maze of Patterns - Choose a pathway for a maze and click on the repeating pattern. Audio required. [New as of 1/1/13]
    16. Memory - Watch the lamps light up and repeat the sequence in the same order. Similar to Simon Says. [New as of 1/1/13]
    17. Missing Numbers - Weblesson with practice problems on finding the missing numbers in a sequence.
    18. Moon Rock Patterns - Look at the pattern the spaceship leaves behind and place the appropriate moon rock on the question mark to complete the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    19. Number Cracker - Choose a level and help Mr. Cracker obtain the secret code before the by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.
    20. Number Patterns - Complete the sequence by filling in the missing number. [New as of 1/1/13]
    21. Oochina in Space - Help Oochina fix the space station by solving the shuttle's secret code sequence.
    22. Oochina the Archeologist - Help Oochine get inside the pyramid by identifying the patterns that solve a puzzle.
    23. Pattern Detectives - Weblesson with practice problems on identifying and extending patterns in a variety of settings. Audio available.
    24. Patterns and Number Sequences - Pick what comes next in the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    25. Patterns and Sequences - Choose from 13 different practice exercises. [New as of 1/1/13]
    26. Patterns Game - Click on the object that completes the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    27. Paul Pattern - Find the picture that shows the same pattern in a different way. [New as of 1/1/13]
    28. Ribbit, Frog, Ribbit - Watch and listen to the ribbit of the frogs in order to repeat the pattern of sounds and colors. [New as of 1/1/13]
    29. Simon Says - Do as Simon says and follow the pattern.
    30. Superhero Pattern - Race against the flying superhero by completing the pattern. [New as of 1/1/13]
    31. Virtual Goose - Match the egg the goose is sitting to one of the other four eggs. Caution, the eggs may be a mirror image of the pattern.
    32. What Comes Next? - Find the next shape in the pattern.
    33. Which Pattern Comes Next? - Follow the pattern and determine what comes next.



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