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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Ordinal Numbers - CCSS 1.NBT.3

Links verified on 7/7/2014

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Big Count Bayou Parade - Line everyone up for the parade according to their ordinal number.
    2. Car Race - Put the race cars in the order they finished the race.
    3. Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers - Match the numbers by clicking and dragging those on the right to where they belong on the left.
    4. Count Us In - Move the children, in correct order, into roller coaster cars. Children and numbers occur randomly.
    5. English-Spanish Ordinal Numbers - Match the English ordinal number with the Spanish ordinal number. This resource is in Spanish
    6. Find Squigly - Squigly is hiding in one of the apples. Click on the ordinal number that tells the order of Squigly's apple.
    7. Finding Positions: Ordinal Numbers - Determine the position of each object in the question.
    8. Get In Line - A lesson with practice exercises on exploring ordinal positions.
    9. Matching Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers - A memory style matching game.
    10. Ordinal Fill-In (1-10) - Write the ordinal number for each cardinal number.
    11. Ordinal Fill-In (11-30) - Write the ordinal number for each cardinal number.
    12. Ordinal Number Matchup - Tell what position each object is in by dragging the correct number.
    13. Ordinal Number Patterns - Choose the answer that best describes the ordinal position of each pattern.
    14. Ordinal Numbers - [In Spanish] Put the ordinal numbers in the correct order. This resource is in Spanish
    15. Ordinal Numbers Game - Answer each question by selecting the object in the ordinal position.
    16. Ordinal Numbers Practice (1-10) - [Kindergarten Level] Interactive video lesson with numerous practice activities.
    17. Practice Lesson: Ordinal Numbers - Use and understand ordinal numbers, first through twentieth. Then try some practice exercises: Exercise I, Exercise II, Exercise III, Exercise IV.
    18. Practice Ordinal Numbers - (Numbers 1-10) Choose the ordinal name for each question.
    19. Practice Ordinal Numbers - (Numbers 1-20) Choose the ordinal name for each question.
    20. The Cats in Line - Look at the cats in a line; determine the ordinal number that describes the position of the orange cat.

  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes-
    1. Cardinal or Ordinal? - Choose whether the number is a cardinal number or ordinal number. Ten self-checking questions.
    2. Ordinal Position Quiz - Look at the pattern of colors. Match the ordinal number to each color.
    3. Quizlet Sets - 1st grade ordinal number flashcard sets that can be used not only as study tools and games, but also for quizzes/tests. You may find sets that are in Spanish and other languages too.
    4. Spanish Ordinal Numbers Quiz - Choose the cooresponding ordinal number and translate the phrase. This resource is in Spanish
    5. Write the Ordinal Number (1-99) - Timed test (10 minutes) with twenty-five questions. Write the ordinal number given in each question.

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