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6th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Nouns or Pronouns - CCSS L.6.1.a, L.6.1.b, L.6.1.c, L.6.1.d

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  1. Abstract or Concrete - Identify the types of nouns in this quiz: abstract or concrete.
  2. Grammar Gorillas - Advanced Level - Practice identifying all parts of speech.
  3. Parts of Speech - Decide what parts of speech should be used to fill out the blanks.
  4. Plural and Possessive Nouns - By clicking on a bubble, identify whether the highlighted word is a plural or possessive noun and then click on the "Submit Answer" button. The quiz is at the bottom of this page.
  5. Irregular Plurals - Match the related words, singular to plural. [concentration style game]
  6. Irregular Plurals - Drag the words on the right to the plural form of the word on the left.
  7. Irregular Noun Plurals: Quiz 1 - Choose the correct plural of the noun.
  8. Irregular Noun Plurals: Quiz Two - Type the plural form of the word in the space provided and click on "Check answers."
  9. Noun Explorer - Select the correct spelling or correct abbreviation for the word in parentheses.
  10. Parts of Speech - Choose the correct part of speech for each word.
  11. Parts of Speech Quiz - Identify the part of speech of the highlighted word in each of the sentences.
  12. Power Proofreading - [Noun or Pronoun Practice] Choose 6th grade then select; Jamie Rogers: Kid Detective, Memo to the Staff, Cooking with Tess and Les, Detective Dramas, Music Matters, Wanda the Wonder Dog, Quick Thinking, Memo to Creative Team, or any one of the mixed practice exercises.
  13. Pronoun Case - 6 exercises in the practice of this skill with accompanying handouts.

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