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4th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Measurement: Area, Perimeter - CCSS 4.MD.A.2, 4.MD.A.3

Links verified on 12/23/2015

  1. Area Explorer - Students are shown shapes on a grid after setting the perimeter and asked to calculate areas of the shapes.
  2. Area and Perimeter - Calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle.
  3. Baseball Geometry - Select the baseball game to play: find the area of triangles, find the perimeter and area of rectangles,or find the circumference and area of circles
  4. Capacity - Soda Jerk - Fill the bottles with the correct capacity.
  5. Comparison Estimator - Similar to Estimator but compares two sets of objects.
  6. Equivalent Measure - Match the capacity measurements: feet, yards, quarts, etc. to reveal the picture.
  7. Estimator - Practice estimation skills by determining the number of objects, length, or area. (parameters: error tolerance)
  8. Measure it - Practice using a ruler. (inches and centimeters)
  9. Measure Teddy - Determine how many units tall Teddy is for each of the 10 questions.
  10. Measurement Quiz - Select the correct answer choice to each question.
  11. More or Less Estimator - Similar to Estimator activity but states a quantity and asks the user to estimate whether the set of objects is more or less than the number given.
  12. Perimeter - Review the lesson on perimeter and then practice.
  13. Perimeter Explorer - Students are shown shapes on a grid after setting the area and asked to calculate perimeters of the shapes.
  14. Shape Explorer - Students are shown shapes on a grid and asked to calculate areas and perimeters of the shapes.
  15. Zoo Designer - Design five enclosures for the animals at a local zoo. You have to use your knowledge of how to calculate area and perimeter to design the correct enclosures and to earn your Zoo Designer Points.

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