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7th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Map Skills - CCSS 7.G.A.1, Mathematical Practices

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Contours Quiz - Use data from a map to determine the elevation of contours.
  2. Distance and Direction on Maps - Each of the maps on this activity expresses a scale in a different form: bar scale, statement of equivalency and representative fraction. If needed, you can click to review the concept of scale, how to convert units, convert fractions to decimals and/or use a protractor.
  3. Find your Longitude - Play an interactive game on the NOVA site.
  4. Gradient Quiz - Which line on the graph has a gradient that is most similar to the line selected on the map?
  5. Map Reading Activities - A variety of printouts and worksheets from Enchanted Learning to help practice reading maps using compasses, latitude, longitude and more.This link includes something for the teacher to print
  6. Map Skills Quiz - Take this quiz to test what you know about reading and using all kinds of maps.
  7. Latitude and Longitude Quiz - Find out the latitude and longitude of selected points on a globe.
  8. Topics and Quizzes offered by David J. Leveson at CUNY in Brooklyn, NY. Menu contains links to many map activities and quizzes.
  9. Treasure Hunt Treasure Trail - Scroll down to the bottom for a variety of interactive quizzes on longitude, latitude, coordinates, grids, etc.
  10. Understanding map scales in Degrees and Minutes and Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
  11. Use a Texas Road Map - Use a Texas road map and a mileage scale to practice reading information from maps.
  12. Where on Earth? - Find the latitude and longitude of places on earth.

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