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5th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Fractions and Percent

Links verified on 12/23/2015

  1. Adding Fractions - Find a common denominator and add the fractions.
  2. Adding Fractions - Addition of like fractions.
  3. Adding Fractions - Practice problems.
  4. Baseball Math: Simplifying Fractions - For each home run, you will have the opportunity to answer a math question and earn (or lose) 1000 points. You must get at least 3 home runs to move to level 2 and at least 5 home runs to advance to level 3.
  5. Computation Castle - A game that requires the utilization of several math skills: mixed numbers/improper fractions, equivalent fractions, metric conversions, exponents, rounding to the nearest thousands and thousandths and place value.
  6. Decifractator - Convert fractions to decimal equivalents.
  7. EZ Fractions - Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide fractions - Help tools are on the site to give students every tool necessary for performing operations with fractions as easy as it has ever been!
  8. Farm Stand - Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total.
  9. Football Math: Adding Fractions - Try to pass the ball to the receiver and make at least 3 receptions in 30 seconds to go to the next level.
  10. Fraction Calculator - a fraction calculator that can perform addition, subtraction multiplication or division of two fractions
  11. Fraction Decimal Conversion - A Quia matching game.
  12. Fraction Decimal Conversion - Another Quia matching game.
  13. Fraction Decimal Conversion - A Quia concentration style game.
  14. Fractions - Find the missing fraction and match all the petals to the flower.
  15. Fractions, Decimals or Percent - Two are given, you supply the third.
  16. Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy Game - Change fractions to decimals and percents and vice-versa.
  17. Fractional Distances - Find Grampy by entering a fractional distance. (includes mixed numbers and various fractions)
  18. Fraction Practice - You are in a soccer shootout and have 5 chances to score against the opposing team. Then you must block their 5 goal attempts. Goals and blocks are awarded if you successfully solve equations containing fractions.
  19. Fractotron - Decide if fractions are equal, more than or less than the other. Must be fast!
  20. Ice Cream Shop - Convert improper fractions to mixed fractions.
  21. Match Fractions and Decimals -Concentration style game. Find the cards that have matching fraction and decimals.
  22. Millionaire Game - Similar to the game 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and can played by 1 or 2 players. Practice changing fractions and decimals to percents.
  23. Millionaire Game: Multiplying Fractions - Similar to the game 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and can played by 1 or 2 players.
  24. Old Egyptian Math Cats Fractions - Add fractions like a true Old Egyptian Math Cat!
  25. Percent Fraction Matching - A Quia matching game.
  26. Practice Adding and Subtracting Fractions - Select the answer to each question. Self checking five multiple-choice questions.
  27. Practice Converting Percent to Fractions - Lesson, practice problems and a quiz.
  28. Shading - Shade the figure to match the equivalent fraction.
  29. Shopping at Troy's Toys - You select the toys which determines how challenging the activity will be. Level 1: Find the sale price when the original price and percent discount are known. Level 2: Find the percent discount when the original price and the sale price are known.
  30. Soccer Math: Multiplying Fractions - Multiply the fractions and choose the correct answer for a chance to kick the ball.
  31. Soccer Math: Simplifying Fractions - Reduce the fractions to their lowest form. For each question answered correctly you get a chance to kick the ball.
  32. Subtracting Fractions - Lesson, practice problems and a quiz.
  33. Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop - Great interactive game on fractions!
  34. Triplets - equivalent fractions game from Math Playground

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