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2nd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Fractions - CCSS 2.G.A.3

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Balloon Pop Fractions - Choose from 3 levels. Pop the balloons in order from smallest to largest fraction.
    2. Comparing Like Fractions - Identify if a fraction is more than, the same as, or less than the other.
    3. Cross the River - Identify the fraction and help the man get across the river.
    4. Fabulous Fractions - Web lesson and practice on the concept of equal parts as related to fractions.
    5. Flowering Fractions - Web lesson and practice on using model representations to help understand common fractions.
    6. Fraction Action - Identify all the fractions that represent the target fraction.
    7. Fraction Ball - Use the arrow keys to guide the fraction ball into the correct container.
    8. Fractions Basic - Use the numerator and denominator to divide the play area into segments.
    9. Fraction Calculator - a fraction calculator that can perform addition, subtraction multiplication or division of two fractions
    10. Fraction Flags - Design a flag using halves and quarters. Also try designing flags using thirds.
    11. Fraction Frenzy - One or two-player game. Use the arrow keys to identify which picture represents the target fraction.
    12. Fraction Models - Explore several representations for fractions using adjustable numerators and denominators.
    13. Fraction Monkeys - [click the picture to play the game] Practice equivalent fractions and ordering fractions by hanging monkeys on the hooks on the number line.
    14. Fraction Paint - Using a 2x2 grid, click on a square(s) to paint fractions. Also try using a 3x3 grid, 4x4 grid, 5x5 grid, and 6x6 grid. For more of a challenge, try using a mixed grid with various sizes of squares.
    15. Fraction Word Problems - Determine the fraction that best answers each word problem.
    16. Fractions: Fourths - Using fourths, determine the fraction for the blue part of the rectangle.
    17. Fractions: Eighths - Using eighths, determine the fraction for the blue part of the rectangle.
    18. Fractions: Tenths - Using tenths, determine the fraction for the blue part of the rectangle.
    19. Frenchy's Fraction Cafe I - Identify the fraction of pizza slices that need toppings. Audio required.
    20. Frenchy's Fraction Cafe II - Listen to the pizza orders to determine the fraction of pizzas with toppings. Audio required.
    21. I Want My Half - Web lesson and practice on understanding the concrete and symbolic representations of fractions.
    22. Identify Fractions - Numerous exercises on identifying fractions.
    23. Identify the Fraction - Select the fraction that represents the shaded portion of each shape.
    24. Identify the Shape - Select the shape that represents the fraction.
    25. Kids and Cookies - A cute interactive site using cookies and fractions. Select friends, the number of cookies, and determine how to split the cookies up between everyone.
    26. Matching Fractions Game - Match the written fraction with the pictured fraction.
    27. Matching Mixed Fractions - Match the written fraction with the pictured fraction.
    28. Number Line Fractions - [Pac-Man type game] Look at the number identified on the number line and use the arrow keys to catch the ghost with that number.
    29. Old Egyptian Math Cats Fractions - Add fractions like a true Old Egyptian Math Cat! Uses fractions thirds through tenths.
    30. Pizza Fractions Game - Drag and drop the correct number of pizza slices on each fraction plate.
    31. Who Wants Pizza? - Interactive Web lesson by Cynthia Lanius with practice problems.

  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes
    1. Fraction Quiz - Answer 10 questions and click submit to check answers
    2. Fractions in Words - Fill in the words for each fraction. If a problem is giving you trouble, click the "Hint" button.
    3. Identifying Fractions - Select the number of problems, the level, and the kind of fractions to test. A variety of quizzes can be generated since they are random each time.
    4. Math Fractions Quiz - Choose from 3 levels (A, B, C). Look at the picture closely in order to answer the question. Ten self-checking questions per level.

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