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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Figurative Language - CCSS RL.8.4

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bud, Not Buddy - Quia activities on similes & metaphors - Matching | Flashcards | Concentration Word Search
    2. Choose Your Game - Pick a game format that you would like to play (Matching Pairs, Wordshoot, Flashcards, Manic Miner, CannonBall Fun). For each game, choose the literal meaning for the figurative language presented.
    3. Do You Know Your Metaphors? - Drag the words in the column on the right to the words in the column on the left to make a metaphor.
    4. Do You Know Your Similes? - Drag the words in the column on the right to the words in the column on the left to make a simile. (Refresh the page to get a new set.)
    5. Eye on Idioms - 7 different activities, but after each activity the answers must be printed off and/or written down so that you can keep track
    6. Figurative Language - Learn the terms and definitions associated with figurative language with these flashcards, games and practice tests fromquizlet.com.
    7. Grade or No Grade - An eclassroom game with 20 possible questions. Answer the question correctly to determine your grade.
    8. Idioms - Look at the phrase and select the answer that best describes what it means.
    9. Literary Devices - Variety of activities on Similes, Metaphors, Personification, Slang/Dialect and Allusions. - Matching | Concentration | Flashcards
    10. Literary Terms - 23 short-answer questions with hints are available. (Internet Explorer)
    11. Metaphor Battleship - Quia activity using the Battleship game format.
    12. Practicing onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhyme, simile and metaphor - Word Play 1 | Word Play 2 | Word Play 3 | Word Play 4 | Word Play 5 | Word Play 6 (Internet Explorer)
    13. Simile, Metaphor, or Personification? - Read the sentence, then decide if it is a simile, metaphor, or personification.
    14. Similes and Metaphors - Identify the comparison in each sentence as either a simile or a metaphor.
  2. Practice Quizzes and Tests
    1. Figurative Language Quiz - Make sure speakers are on since the quiz questions are read aloud, or mute the sound. 30 multiple-choice questions that are scored instantly at the end.
    2. Figurative Language Quiz Quiz - Questions on alliteration, similes and metaphors, personification, connotation and imagery.
    3. Figurative Language Skills Test - (Not Interactive) 14 multiple-choice questions. Keep track of answers on a sheet of paper and then click on "Answers" to see if you were correct.
    4. Literary Terms Quiz - A quiz on 40 useful literary terms.
    5. Literary Terms Quiz - 26 multiple choice questions from Quia.
    6. Literary Terms Quiz - Practice literary terms with these seven multiple-choice questions.
    7. Metaphor Quiz - A five-question quiz from Quia.
    8. Metaphor Quiz - A ten-question quiz from Quia.

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