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4th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Estimation - CCSS 4.OA.3

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  1. Comparison Estimator - Similar to Estimator but compares two sets of objects.
  2. Estimate - (use as a whole class activity) Select a range, display tick marks and estimate before revealing the answer.
  3. Estimation Valley Golf - Estimate answers to problems and putt your way into a championship!
  4. Estimator - Practice estimation skills by determining the number of objects, length, or area. (parameters: error tolerance)
  5. Be a Scientist - Estimate temperatures using a Celsius thermometer.
  6. Hot Stuff - Estimate temperatures using a Fahrenheit thermometer.
  7. Guess the Number - Develop your skills in halving and estimation.
  8. Home Run Derby Math - You don't have time to add, just estimate the correct answer. [addition, subtraction, or multiplication]
  9. Let's Go Shopping - Estimate by rounding to the nearest dollar as they shop.
  10. More or Less Estimator - Similar to Estimator activity but states a quantity and asks the user to estimate whether the set of objects is more or less than the number given.
  11. Round About - Estimate by rounding.
  12. Rounding and Estimating - Numerous practice lessons and exercises for rounding and estimating numbers and decimals.
  13. Rounding Off - Choose a level and round off numbers to significant figures, decimals places or the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.
  14. That's Right - Estimate measurements in real-world problems using money.
  15. Weigh the Wangdoodles - Your job is to find the weight of each Wangdoodle using the information provided by the scales. To be successful, you will have to make sure that the weight you assign to each Wangdoodle works on each scale. This activity is a fun but challenging introduction to multiple algebraic equations.

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