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3rd Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Contractions - CCSS L.3.2.f

Links verified on 10/20/13

  1. Contraction Crossword - Write the two words that make up the contraction clue.
  2. Contraction Practice - Interactive contraction practice - Click on one of the red buttons to start. Seven practices to choose from.
  3. Contractions - Match the contractions with their correct word pair. Quia match game.
  4. Contractions - Find the matching squares in this Quia matching game.
  5. Contractions - Type the correct contraction for the sentence. Self checking.
  6. Contractions - Quia Quiz. Match contractions.
  7. Contractions - Click on the blue button that shows the two words used to make the contraction. [4 questions]
  8. Contractions and Negatives - Choose the answer that shows the correct way to write the underlined section.
  9. Fly By Contraction Practice - Find the correct airplane to match with the contraction - click Go each time to get a new question.
  10. Treasure Trove Contractions - Find the correct contraction key to fit with the treasure chest.
  11. Type the contraction - Type the contraction of the word given.



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