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5th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Context Clues - CCSS RL.5.4

Links verified on 10/04/2013

  1. Context Clues - Multiple-choice quiz, includes answers.
  2. Context Clues - Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game
  3. Cows context clue - Build corrals for cows by reading and answering questions.
  4. Using Context Clues - Three matching activities. Use the pull-down boxes to match the item on the left to the corresponding item on the right.
  5. What are Context Clues - Lesson with quiz.
  6. What's My Meaning - [4 different Quia games] Match words with meanings - Matching | Concentration | Flash Cards | Word Search
  7. Word Jungle - Choose the correct meaning to swing in jungle.
  8. Words in Context - Put the words into the sentences to determine the correct meaning.

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