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5th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Comparing Numbers - CCSS 5.NBT.A.3.B

Links verified on 12/23/2015

  1. Comparing Fractions Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 - Select one of the three levels for each quiz.
  2. Comparing Fractions Side-By-Side - Make fractions on both sides of the screen by dragging numbers onto the blackboard. Then, compare to two fractions to see if one is larger or if they are the same.
  3. Comparing Integers - Comparing integers with absolute values.
  4. Comparing Percentages and Fractions - Drag numbers onto the blackboard to make percentages and fractions. Can you make them match? Choose from one of the four pictures on the bottom to see various graphics.
  5. Computation Castle - A game that requires the utilization of several math skills: mixed numbers/improper fractions, equivalent fractions, metric conversions, exponents, rounding to the nearest thousands and thousandths and place value.
  6. Decimal Switch - Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order.
  7. Evaluating Expressions - Try a workout of 10 problems. If you get at least 8 correct on your first attempt, then you're ready to move on. If not, review "In Depth" and try again.
  8. Fraction Dolphin Racing Game - Choose the fractions to power your dolphin to the finish line first.
  9. Fraction Sorter - Interactive site posted by Shodor.
  10. Fractions of Something Game - Can you find the fraction number? Make fractions with the numbers by dragging them onto the blackboard, one above the line and one below the line.
  11. Genius Boxing - Box some of history's great math minds such as Einstein, Copernicus, Galileo, Bill Gates and more for universal math supremacy.
  12. Greater Than, Less Than or the Same - Compare decimals.
  13. Ordering Fractions Game - Put the fractions in the right order.
  14. Percent with a Calculator - Practice problems. Move mouse over the pink colored area to see the answer.
  15. Put Whole Numbers in Order - Three or more numbers can be placed in order. A number may come before the other numbers or it may come between them or after them. Place the whole numbers in order.
  16. Unit Fraction Game: Finding One Fraction Part - Use this activity to practice finding the fraction of a number.

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