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3rd Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Compare, Contrast and Make Predictions - CCSS RL.3.1, RL.3.9

Links verified on 11/24/2014

  1. A Fishy Story - Read story online, then answer questions in Word or Works, or on paper.
  2. Cocoa Ice:Tutorial and Practice Exercise - Read the story and answer the compare and contrast questions about the story.
  3. Compare and Contrast WebQuest - Mother Goose has been told that all of her fairy tales and rhymes are too old. She is looking for boys and girls to help her rewrite a few of her old stories into newer or modern ones.
  4. Comparison and Contrast - Read the passages and answer the questions to determine the likes and differences.
  5. Coyote Places the Stars:Tutorial and Practice Exercise - Comparing and contrasting two things to find their likenesses and differences.
  6. Dig It! - [Requires Shockwave] Interactive story predicting the outcome.
  7. Lon Po Po:Tutorial and Practice Exercise - Read the two passages and compare the likenesses and differences between the two.
  8. Making Predictions - Two parts to this activity: 1) Read the online story and the first time through it you see a few pictures from the book and no words. Based on the title and pictures, record your prediction on the Prediction Guide Sheet. 2) Read through the story, with words this time, and see if your prediction was close or not.
  9. Making Predictions - Read each paragraph and make a prediction. Find the clues that help you make a prediction.
  10. Predicting - Guess what comes next in the story by using a reading strategy to make predictions.

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