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5th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Author's Purpose - CCSS RL.5.1, RL.5.2

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  1. Activity on Author's Purpose - (4th grade) This section includes a variety of activities designed to help you determine the author's purpose. Follow the directions on each screen and complete the activities.
  2. Audience and Purpose - Read a passage and answer ten multiple choice questions on the purpose of the passage.
  3. Author's Purpose - Lesson and practice. Determine why the author wrote each paragraph. [designed for grade 3]
  4. Author's Purpose - Read paragraphs and identify author's purpose.
  5. Author's Purpose - Online quiz, includes self checking.
  6. Author's Purpose - Read a passage and answer fifteen multiple choice questions to determine the author's purpose.
  7. Different Text Types - [game] Learn about the different text types (persuasion, informative, descriptive, or instructive) with this game.
  8. Different Types of Text - [3 quizzes] Understand the purpose of different text types.
  9. Game - Author's Purpose - Matching game. Determine if the author's purpose is to inform, entertain or persuade.



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