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4th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Addition - CCSS 4.NBT.B.4

Links verified on 7/14/2014

  1. Adding - customize for any number range.
  2. Addition Surprise - Fill in sums in the addition grid to complete a surprise picture.
  3. Alien Addition - Shoot invading spaceships with your laser cannon while practicing addition facts.
  4. Ambleweb Addition Machine - Select your skill level to practice addition. Self Checking.
  5. Are You a Math Magician? - This addition game has two levels of practice. Select a challenge level and try to answer 20 questions in 1 minute.
  6. Circus Fun - Add up to three digits with regrouping.
  7. Ghost Blasters II (addition practice) - (two players) Students must "blast" a pair of ghosts whose sum equals some number specified before the game begins. Sums from 5 to 99 can be set.
  8. Hidden Picture - The answer is given and you must select the problem to reveal a hidden picture. This activity is great for pairing students.
  9. Jet Ski Addition- "Multi-player racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing their facts" You can select to play against others or just yourself.
  10. Math Baseball - Complete the Number Sentence. - Addition - Numbers less than 10
  11. Math Fries - Students have to eat French Fries that have math problems on them that equal a certain number displayed on top of the screen [most are addition, but some subtraction is included.
  12. Speed Grid: Addition - (level 1) Students answer the question set by clicking on two numbers that complete the sentence. You set the number of questions (2 to 99) and the time limit. (1 to 10)
  13. Sum Fun - Practice the addition facts to 18.
  14. Sum Sense (Addition) - Students practice single digit addition by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.
  15. Tic-Tac-Toe Squares - Addition practice with numbers less than 50.
  16. Tugboat Addition - This is a multi player game, anyone can join to play against you.

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