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WebGuides - A lesson built around a single Internet Site
Internet based lessons written with the WebGuide template

"Communication Around the World" - Middle School/High School History or Social Studies
A comparison of communication technology usage throughout the world.

"Mixed Messages" - Middle School Science
A comparison of the interfering effect of color stimuli upon reading names of colors (the two types of stimuli being presented simultaneously) with the interfering effect of word stimuli upon naming colors themselves.

"Watch out radar! Here comes a speeder!" - Middle School Science or Math
Look for a weather pattern that moves across a map. Make a prediction where the weather feature you were watching will be in six hours, and defend your prediction to the class.

"When you're hot, you're hot!" - Middle School Science or Math
Look for a pattern in a list of temperatures for a 24 hour time period. Students make a prediction, then compare to data from the National Weather Service.

Gibson County Workshop - July 25, 2001

  • "Helping Teenagers With Stress" - Middle School/High Social Studies
      Ideas for helping teenagers decrease their stress level by using a variety of behaviors and techniques.

TETC Seminar - October 31, 2001

  • "Save the Mountain Walrus" - Upper Elementary or Middle School Computer classes
    This lesson uses a site which focuses on an animal that the webmaster believes is in danger of extinction and therefore needs our support. It provides pictures, descriptions, and reasons why we should support their efforts to protect this creature. This gives your students practice at looking at sites on the web to decide whether or not those sites were valid.
  • "Editing Singular and Plural Nouns" - Upper Elementary Language Arts
    Using a fun game to practice using nouns correctly. Students practice with singular and plural nouns, and also with common and proper nouns. This WebGuide takes a fun site and uses it to provide high quality instruction.
  • "Looking Good in Print" - 11th and 12th Grade Language Arts or Marketing
    Discover details about how to write a resume that will be an effective tool in your search for employability. This WebGuide uses a site which discusses what a resume is, details to consider when preparing a resume and action or power words used in a resume to make a good impression on your reader.

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