Bee Alert!


Bee Trivia was provided by students and staff at The University of Montana. Please send us your favorites so that we can post them for others to enjoy.

Picture of a Bee on a Flower

Number of bees equal to the weight of one M&M's plain chocolate candy

How many eyes does a bee have?

Do bees sleep?

Bees make honey from _________?

Pollen is a source of __________?

Number of Eggs that a Queen Can Lay in One Day

How fast do bees' wings beat?

How fast can bees fly?

Number of bees in an average hive?

How many wings does a bee have?

How many legs does a bee have?

How far can a bee fly?

Male bees are called _________ ?

Why are honey bees reluctant to sting?

What gives a bee sting its ouch and itch?

What colors can bees see that people can't?

How fast a movement can a bee see?

Average life span of a worker bee in summer

Life span of a queen?

Type of bee not found in the hive during the winter

Gender of all worker bees

How long ago did the first bees appear on earth?

How long ago did modern bees first appear on earth?

Were honey bees on earth at the same time as the dinosaurs?

Have the North American Rocky Mountains been in existence longer than bees?

Color of new wax

Honey comb cells contain ___________, __________, or ___________

Size of average nectar load compared to the weight of the bee itself

How much does a queen have to eat each day to produce 2,000 eggs?

Bees carry nectar in their __________

Pollen is carried in the ____________

Corbicula is another name for the __________

Size of average pollen load compared to the weight of the bee

What senses do bees and humans have in common?

How much honey do bees need to make the wax in a 5.71 centimeter (2.25 inch) birthday candle?

The white man's fly refers to ___________

Oldest record of beekeeping