An Internet based lesson

A lesson built around a single Internet Site
Subject: Health/Sociology/Life Skills
Grade level(s): Middle School or High School
Lesson Title: Stressing for Success
Internet Site Title: Helping Teenagers With Stress
Internet Site URL: http://www.focusas.com/Stress.html.
Author: John Nelson


Site Description: This site lists some sources of things that cause teen stress.  You will also find a short list of ways that your parents can help you with you stress.  GREAT  ideas for helping you decrease your stress level by using a variety of behaviors and techniques.


Site Purpose:  Life is full of things that make us have headaches, stomachaches, feel panicky, worried, etc.  This site contains a very concise group of methods that apply to what we are talking about in this unit.  It will direct you to a large list of places if you choose to go farther in your understanding of stress.


Lesson Introduction: What causes our stresses?  What makes them livable?  Can we eliminate any of our stress? You will work with a partner of your choosing.  Your task for today will be to use the lists and resources available to you and come to an agreement on the three things that most cause you and your partner stress, and then the three management techniques that you think will be most helpful to your classmates in dealing with their stress.  One of you should be responsible for the things that cause you to stress, and the other will be responsible for the ways to deal with stress.  Do not be distracted by other groups working around you on other topics related to stress.  Work in a positive manner with your partner.


Final Product or Task: Each of you should make a short (1-2 minute) presentation using whatever visual tools that you choose to use. You may use Powerpoint, Websites on the big screen tv, or if you choose, you may act out scenarios that decribe the causes and reliefs of your chosen stresses.


Conclusion: Stresses affect you and I each day--(Only you know quicker when my stress levels go up.)  Use this site to learn how to control your surroundings and the things that punch your buttons.  Use the associated links to learn more about how stress affects your total health, and your whole well-being. With a little effort on your part, you may find that I can become a bearable person in whose class you can come to learn and enjoy without the usual stresses that everyday school life is bound to bring.


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Written in a workshop in Gibson County, TN on Jul;y 25, 2001