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1st Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Writing Sentences - CCSS RF.1.1a, L.1.1.c, L.1.2,

Links verified on 6/18/15

  1. Can you make sense of a sentence? - Drag the words into the correct sentence order.
  2. Characters - Click on the different parts to create a character, then write a sentence about the character you created.
  3. Clean Up Your Grammar - Nouns and Verbs by Maggie's Earth Adventures- Put the trash into the correct bucket, separating the nouns and verbs.
  4. Kung Fu Sentences - Put the words in the right order to make a sentence.
  5. Literacy Center - A great site for pre-K to first grade. Activities with colors, numbers, letters, shapes and words. Site translated in Spanish, Dutch, French and English. Also has a typing component in the Keyboard Section.
  6. Lionel's Tall Tales - Make a sentence by putting groups of words together.
  7. Scrambled Sentences - Click on the words in order to make a sentence.
  8. Sentence and Language Structure - Test your knowledge on the parts of a sentence with this quiz that's also self checking.
  9. Tale of Peter Rabbit - Click on Word Order and then drag the groups of words to make a sentence. Each of the 15 sentences have three parts.
  10. The Patchworker - Arrange the words in the correct order to reveal a proper sentence and the patchwork picture.
  11. Trapped! - Escape from the tower using your knowledge of simple, compound and complex sentences.
  12. Wall of Words - Drag scrambled words to create a sentence.

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