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1st Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Vowels and CVC Words - RF.1.2.a, RF.1.2.c, RF.1.3.b

Links verified on 6/16/15

  1. 3 Letter House - Spelling patterns with CVC words are generated randomly. Select an ending and a vowel.
  2. Chicken Stacker - Try to stack five hens by clicking on words with the featured vowel in them.
  3. CVC Maker - Create words and sound them out.
  4. CVC Pop - Listen to the word that is said and click on the correct match of the word so that it falls into the gray collector.
  5. Drag and Drop - Read the CVC word and drag the picture that matches the word in the box.
  6. Drag and Spell - Drag a vowel sound into the slot to spell the word correctly. Use the slow/fast slider to increase the challenge. Drag the vowels to finish the words before your time runs out.
  7. Grubby Pup - A short U song. [ not a game]
  8. Long A sound - Drag pictures with a long a sound into box.
  9. Long E sound - Drag pictures with a long e sound into box.
  10. Long I sound - Drag pictures with a long i sound into box.
  11. Long O sound - Drag pictures with a long o sound into box.
  12. Long U sound - Drag pictures with a long u sound into box.
  13. Long Vowels - Poems and activities about long vowels and digraphs.
  14. Long Vowels - Show what you know about the different long vowel sounds.
  15. Long Vowel Sounds e, u - Identify the long vowel sounds in each word.
  16. Long Vowel Sounds a, i, o - Identify the long vowel sounds in each word.
  17. Long Vowel Words - Find the short and long vowel words that match the pictures.
  18. Magic Pencil - Listen and see the animation of c-v-c words using the following; n, g, d, m, p, a, e, i, o, and u.
  19. Make a Word - Drag the vowels to make real words with Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  20. Online Stories - Starfall - Select a vowel sound to hear the pronunciation and see examples of words that use that vowel sound to practice reading.
  21. Picture Match - [don't enter your whole name] Choose short vowel sounds or long vowel sounds and match pictures to their beginning letter sounds by sorting them into boxes.
  22. Poem Pack - Ten colorful, animated poems with voice over and activities. Each poem deals with a different long vowel sound.
  23. Pounce on the Word that Matches the Sound - Students hear a word and click on the CVC word they sound out that matches the word that was said.
  24. Put it on the Shelf - Sound out CVC words and match with correct picture.
  25. Short Vowel Practice - Select the correct spelling of the word.
  26. Short Vowel Words - Find the short vowel words that match the pictures.
  27. Short Vowel Words - Scroll down near the bottom and select the vowel. Make sentences using the phonics and sight words.
  28. Short or Long Vowel Words - Find the words that match the pictures.
  29. Snap It - How well do you know your long vowel sounds? Try to beat the clock and collect the snaps. When you see a pair click Snap! But don't get Snap happy - if you get it wrong, you lose a point.
  30. Vowel Boot Camp - Song (need Quicktime)
  31. Vowel Digraphs - Select correct digraph to match picture.
  32. Whirlyword Machine - A 'fruit machine' that makes 3 letter CVC words. (3 levels of play)
  33. Word Families - Select the word family to practice and select the correct beginning consonant to match the pictures.
  34. Word Family Sort - [don't type your real name] Click on a vowel to begin, then sort words according to their family. Students can read the words they see and create sentences with them once back at their desks.
  35. Words and Pictures - Activities with vowel blends: oo, ee, ay, igh, and silent e with long vowels. Includes audio, poems, activities and worksheets.
  36. Write a Postcard - Help Salty Sam with his vowels. In the first sentence, click on the focus phonemes. When you have them all correct the next sentence appears, but this time there are gaps in the words. Drag the vowel phoneme with the correct spelling into the gap in the word.

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