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6th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Verbs - CCSS L.6.1

Links verified on 10/26/2015

  1. Be - Verb usage online quiz. Type the correct verb form for each question.
  2. Grammar Gorillas - Advanced level - Practice identifying all parts of speech.
  3. Irregular Verbs - Learn the past tense of irregular English verbs with this Quia Jeopardy type game for two players.
  4. Irregular Verbs - 6 exercises in the practice of this skill, interactive with handouts.
  5. Linking Verbs - Identify whether the underlined verb is used as a linking verb.
  6. Power Proofreading - [Verb Practice] Choose 6th grade then select; E-mail to Ms. Jackson , Chuckles the Clown, The Mouse Power Awards, Just Plain Dirt, Morning Talk Show, or any one of the mixed practice exercises.
  7. Parts of Speech - Decide what parts of speech should be used to fill in the blanks.
  8. Subject-Verb Agreement - 6 exercises in the practice of this skill, interactive with handouts.
  9. To Be - Present and past tense quiz. Use keyboard or mouse to select the answers.
  10. Verb Phrases - Identify the complete verb phrase in each sentence. From Quia.
  11. Verb Tenses - Identify whether the highlighted verb or compound verb is formed correctly in the sentence.
  12. Verb and Preposition Combinations III - A quiz from the English-Zone. Choose the correct words to complete the sentence.

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