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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Verbs - CCSS L.8.1.a, L.8.1.b, L.8.1.c, L.8.1.d

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  1. Action/Linking Verbs
    1. Linking Verbs - Identify whether the underlined verb is used as a linking verb.
    2. Linking Verbs and Action Verbs - Type the answer to each question in the box provided.
  2. Regular/Irregular Verbs
    1. Forming the Simple Past: Regular Verbs - Put the verb in brackets in the correct simple past form.
    2. Irregular English Verbs - Learn the past tense of irregular English verbs with this Jeopardy type game for two players.
    3. Irregular Verbs - Six exercises in the practice of this skill with an accompanying printable handout to keep track of your answers.
    4. Irregular Verbs: Simple Past - Choose the correct past tense form for each verb.
    5. Regular Verbs: Simple Past - Choose the correct past tense form for each verb.
    6. Simple Past: Regular and Irregular Verbs - Put the verb in brackets in the correct simple past form.
  3. Verb Phrases
    1. Complete Verb Phrases - Identify the complete verb phrase in each sentence. Then tryanother game identifying complete verb phrases from Quia.
    2. Identifying Verbs - Read each sentence and type the word(s) that is the verb of the sentence in the space provided.
    3. Phrasal Verbs - Match the phrasal verb with the sentence that would most appropriately contain that verb. Then tryQuiz 2 for more phrasal verb practice.
  4. Verb Tenses
    1. Alter the Verb Tense - Type the answer to the question in the box and click the "Next" button.
    2. BE Verb: Present and Past - Use your keyboard to answer each question with the correct present or past tense of the verb. Twenty questions, self-checking.
    3. Expressing the Future - Choose the answer that correctly completes each sentence. When finished, click"Next Exercise" at the bottom of the page for more practice.
    4. Future Verb Forms - Each question has a sentence referring to future time. In each question, think about the context and meaning of what the person is saying, and choose which verb form you think would be best.
    5. Identifying Tenses - Match the tense name with the number of the sentence in which that verb tense is used in ALL CAPS.
    6. Practicing the Be Verb - Type the correct verb form for each question.
    7. Present Perfect: Forms 1 - Choose the correct verb form for each sentence.
    8. Present Perfect: Forms 2 - Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect.
    9. Present Perfect Tense - For each gap in the text, put the verb in parentheses into the present perfect tense. Type your answers and click on "Check". If you need help, you can press the "Hint" button to get a free letter.
    10. Recognizing Verb Tenses - Name the verb tense given in each sentence.
    11. Simple Present - Choose the best word to complete the sentence. Then tryanother activity forming simple present tense.
    12. Verb Tense Challenge - Students must correctly select simple present, simple past, present progressive, past progressive, and future verbs.
    13. Verb Tenses - Identify whether the highlighted verb or compound verb is formed correctly.
  5. Misc. Exercises and Games
    1. 8th Grade Verbs Vocabulary - A list of verbs that 8th graders should know. Click on a word for the definition. Scroll to the bottom of the page forverb quizzes that go with these vocabulary words. <
    2. Grammar Blast: Verbs - Read the question and choose the answer you think is correct. Then click the "Are You Right?" button.
    3. Power Proofreading - [Verb Practice] Choose 8th grade then select any one of the mixed practice exercises.

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