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4th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Usage Errors - CCSS L.4.1.g

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  1. Easily Confused Words - This section will help you review and strengthen your knowledge of easily confused words. The 30 exercises are grouped into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Determine your level of knowledge and then select an exercise from the lists.
  2. Troublesome Words - 14 interactive exercises on words often used incorrectly. Select the correct word usage for each sentence.
  3. Common Grammar Mistakes - Select the sentence with the correct grammar usage. Answer each question [15 questions total] and then submit your answers for instant results. Any incorrect answers can be reviewed with an explanation for why it was not the correct answer choice.
  4. Confusing Verbs - Lay/Lie - Read the sentence, choose the answer and get your score instantly!
  5. Confusing Words: Can/May - Select the correct usage of the word for each sentence.
  6. Confusing Words: Who's/Whose and Their/There/They're - Select the correct answer for each sentence.
  7. Is/Are and Was/Were - Choose the verb that correctly fits the sentence.
  8. Its/It's and There/Their/They're - Select one answer from the choices provided after each sentence. The word you choose should fit the blank in the sentence.
  9. Problem Verbs: Sit/Set/Lie/Lay/Rise/Raise - Practice with these games to get a clear meaning of each of these troublesome verbs.
  10. Power Proofreading - Choose 4th grade then select any one of the exercises to practice word usage.
  11. Road to Grammar - A vast array of interactive quizzes, practice exercises and games to assist with grammar usage.
  12. Sit or Set Quiz - Complete the sentences using the proper form of "sit" or "set."
  13. There/Their/They're - Choose the correct answer that best fits the sentence.
  14. They're/Their/There - Select the answer that has the correct usage of the word for the sentence.
  15. To Lie/To Lay and To Sit/To Set - Select one answer from the choices provided that fits the blank in the sentence.
  16. To/Two/Too - Learn the difference between the homophones to, two, and too using this Quia quiz.
  17. To/Two/Too - Quia quiz; choose the correct homonym.

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