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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Tape Diagrams - CCSS 6.RP-3

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  1. Common Core 6th Grade Lesson Videos - Percent with Tape Diagram
  2. Comparing Tape Diagram Solutions to Algebraic Solutions - Tape Diagrams can be used to model and identify the sequence of operations to find a solution algebraically.
  3. Equations - Solving Word Problems - PDF sheet with many word problems to solve.
  4. Exploring Equivalent Ratios: Using A Tape Diagram - online lesson
  5. Grade 6 Common Core Standards - Activities and lessons for 6.RP-1, 6.RP-2 and 6.RP-3
  6. Grade 6 Math Worksheets - Ratios & Proportions
  7. Introduction to Tape Diagrams - PDF Lesson.
  8. Model and Solve Word Problems - Ratio and Proportion Game; Thinking Blocks
  9. Multiply a whole number and a fraction by using a tape diagram - Lesson plan.
  10. Part to Part Ratios Using Tape Diagrams and Tables - Lesson Plans with resources to print.
  11. Ratio Comparison - Video Lesson.
  12. Ratio Comparison Model B - Video Lesson
  13. Ratio Comparison Model C - Video Lesson
  14. Ratios & Tape Diagrams, Pt. 2 - YouTube Video
  15. Reading and Making Tape Diagram - Printable Worksheets And Lessons
  16. Solving Ratio Problems With Tables, Tape Diagrams & Double Number Lines - Lesson and quiz
  17. Solving Word Problems Using Tape Diagrams - Lesson plan
  18. Solve Word Problems Using Tape Diagrams - YouTube video lesson
  19. Tape Diagram Worksheets- Addition, subtraction, multiplication fractions, ratios and more.
  20. Tape Diagrams - PPT show explaining tape diagrams; giving examples
  21. Understand and solve unit rate problems - by using a tape diagram to reveal the relationship between the two quantities being compared -

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