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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Synonyms, Antonyms or Homonyms - CCSS L.8.5

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  1. Antonyms
    1. Antonym Challenge - Identify the correct antonyms in a race against time.
    2. Antonym Match: Basal Reader Words - Flip the cards to match the antonyms.
    3. Antonym Practice - Choose a unit (1-15) and click on "Antonyms Online" and "Reverse Antonyms"
    4. Antonyms: Verbal Reasoning Quiz 1 - Ten multiple-choice questions that are self-checking. There is an option to print and email results.
    5. Challenging Antonyms - Set of Quia games for middle school. Includes flashcards, matching, concentration and word search. More Quia Antonym Games.
    6. Feed BIGbots! - These word-automated machines have quite an appetite for antonyms. Good hand and eye coordination is a definite plus for this game!
  2. Homonyms
    1. A Feast of Homonyms - A variety of Quia activities, including flashcards, matching, concentration and word search.
    2. Homonym Challenge - Identify the matching homonym words.
    3. Homonym Quizzes - A large selection of quizzes. Choose a level (easy, medium or medium difficult) and select a quiz. Self-checking.
    4. Homonyms Quiz - Fill in the blank with the word that is spelled correctly.
    5. Quiz: Confusing Words and Homonyms #1 - Ten questions. Choose the correct sentence for each question, then click on "Grade Test" to see you how you did. TryQuiz 2 for additional practice.
    6. Word Confusion - [Select hard] Click on the correct homonym to complete the sentence.
  3. Synonyms
    1. Homophone Synonyms - Connect the homophones on the left to their matching synonym on the right.
    2. Robo-Bee - Click the bee and drag it to the word that best fits the sentence.
    3. Say it Another Way - Fill in the blank with a synonym for the missing word.
    4. Synonym.com - Type a word in the box and find a synonym, or antonym, of the word.
    5. Synonym Challenge - Identify the correct synonyms in a race against time.
    6. Synonym Exercises - Three levels to choose from and each level contains ten activities.
    7. Synonym Match - A Quia game. Identify the matching terms in two columns. Go here for more synonym Quia games.
    8. Synonym Match: Basal Reader Words - Flip the cards to match the synonyms.
    9. Synonym Practice - Choose a unit (1-15) and click on "Synonyms Online" and "Reverse Synonyms".
    10. Synonym Toast - Click on the word that has a similar meaning as the toast in the toaster.
  4. Synonym and Antonym Combined Activities
    1. Antonyms and Synonyms Audio Quiz - Make sure speakers are on. For each question, select whether the words are synonyms, antonyms or attributes. (Audio can be muted.)
    2. Practice Tests: A variety of "Word-Pair" tests. All tests are multiple-choice and self-checking with the option to print or email results. Test 1 || Test 2
    3. Similar or Opposites? - Decide if the words are synonyms or antonyms and then check the answer. Words are sorted alphabetically for each quiz: A Words || B Words || C Words || D Words || E Words || F Words || G Words || H Words || I Words.
  5. Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
    1. Furious Frogs - Multi-player game practicing synonyms, antonyms or homonyms. Select which topic to practice and then join a game.
    2. Word Frog - Select synonym, homonym or antonym practice and match the correct word on incoming flies.

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