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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Subtracting - CCSS 1.OA.A.1, 1.OA.A.3, 1.OA.B.4, 1.OA.A.5, 1.OA.A.6, 1.OA.A.7, 1.OA.A.8, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.NBT.C.5, 1.NBT.C.6

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Are You a Math Magician? - Choose a level and select subtraction. Try to do as many questions in the time allotted.
    2. Balloon Pop Subtraction - Select a level and solve the problem by popping the balloons. The number of balloons left should be the solution to the problem.
    3. Count Hoot's Subtraction Game - Fill-in-the-blank by selecting the numbered ladybug below that correctly solves the problem. A combination of Addition & Subtractionis also available.
    4. Count Us In: Bowling - Solve the problem to see how many pins are left standing. Click on the ball to see if you're correct.
    5. Defeat the Math Monster - Select subtraction and the difficulty level. If you get all 15 answers correct, you will destroy the math monster and collect the ancient Mayan treasure. Can also be used to practice Addition, Division, and Multiplication skills.
    6. Ghost Blasters III - Two-player game to practice subtraction skills. "Blast" the ghost whose number is the answer to the problem.
    7. Hidden PIcture - An answer is provided and you must select the problems that equal that answer to reveal a hidden picture.
    8. Math Baseball - Practice numbers less than 5. Fill in the missing number to complete the subtraction problem. Click on "harder" for more of a challenge.
    9. Mothmatic Subtraction - Subtract one-digit numbers and pick the answer by clicking the red arrow.
    10. Mothmatic Subtraction II - Subtract two-digit numbers and pick the answer by clicking the red arrow.
    11. Pick the Sign - Determine if the missing sign should be a subtraction or addition sign.
    12. Simple Subtraction - (1-20) Select a level, solve the problem, and click the cloud with the correct answer.
    13. SpacyMath - Use only your first name to sign in. Select "Subtraction" to play game and solve the problems to blast the spaceship. You can also choose to practice addition, multiplication, and division skills.
    14. Speed Grid Challenge: Subtraction - (Level 1) Set the number of questions (2-99) and the time limit (1-10). Answer question set by clicking on two numbers that complete the sentence.
    15. Subtracting Numbers - [From FreeMathTest] Choose level of difficulty or customize for any number range, then select the number of questions. Self-checking.
    16. Subtraction Flash Cards - Answer the problems and click on the yellow check mark at the bottom to keep score.
    17. Flash Cards: Fill-in-the-Blank
    18. Flash Cards: Multiple-Choice
    19. Flash Cards: Multi-Digit
    20. Flash Cards: Vertical Problems
    21. Subtraction Machine - Choose a skill level, type the answer, and then check for correctness.
    22. Subtractions Up to 10 - Level 1 problems and self-checking. For more of a challenge try Subtractions Up to 20.
    23. Sum Sense: Subtraction - Single-digit subtraction. Set the number of questions (2-99) and the time limit (1-10). Drag the numbered cards to correctly complete the sentence.
    24. Take it Away - Subtract the numbers and click on the correct answer. This game has 10 questions.
    25. Test the Toad - Add or subtract numbers 1 to 15 by clicking on the numbered person.
    26. That's a Fact - (K-3) Select "Subtraction" and choose the set of facts to practice (differences to 10, 12, or 20). Thirty problems are given with the option of being vertical or horizontal and timed or untimed. Addition, Multiplication, and Division skills can also be selected.
    27. The Wall - Click on the brick with the correct answer before the time runs out.
    28. Timernator - Select math facts 0-10 or 0-36. Race against the clock and subtract as fast as you can in 60 seconds.
    29. Two-Minute Warning - Solve as many problems as you can in two minutes! Also try a combination of addition and subtraction problems as fast as you can.
    30. Ultimate Speed Math - Choose "Subtraction" operation and the numbers you want to practice. Set the countdown and see how many problems you can correctly answer. You can also practice Addition, Division, and Multiplication skills.
    31. War Pretzels - Practice addition and subtraction skills as you challenge opponents to a game of arm wrestling.

  2. Indexes/Databases of Exercises and Games -
    1. Gamequarium Subtraction Math Games - (Grades K-2) A plethora of games to choose from for addition practice.
    2. Math Games - A variety of games to practice subtraction as well as addition, multiplication, and division skills.
    3. Subtracting Numbers - Sixteen lessons and exercises for Grade 1.
    4. Subtraction Games - (Grades 1-3) Numerous games to choose from to practice subtraction skills.

  3. Practice Tests and Quizzes -
    1. Find 10 less, given two-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
    2. Is the equation true or false? - Online quiz that is self checking.
    3. Single-Digit Subtraction Quizzes - A variety of ways to test one's knowledge on subtracting single-digits: Horitzontal || Vertical || Number Line || Word Problems.
    4. Subtract multiples of 10 from multiples of 10 - Online quiz that is self checking
    5. Subtraction Quiz - Self-checking quiz.
    6. Subtraction Quiz: 0-12 - Twenty questions; self-checking. Click "Give Me a New Quiz" to generate additional problems.
    7. Subtraction Quiz: 0-50 - Choose the difficulty level for twenty self-checking questions. Click "New Quiz" to generate additional challenges.
    8. Subtraction Quiz: Fill In the Blank - Fill in the missing number to complete the equation. Eight self-checking questions.
    9. Subtration Quiz: Two-Digit Numbers - Eight self-checking questions.
    10. Super-Duper Subtraction Quiz - Fifty questions; self-checking. Click "Give Me a New Quiz" for more challenges.
    11. The Art of Math - (K-3) Create your own math tests. Click on "Create Challenge" and set the number of problems, problem type (choose "Subtract"), and the range of numbers to generate an endless number of challenges. Can also be used for addition, multiplication, or a mixture of problem types.
    12. Two-Digit Subtraction Quizzes - A variety of ways to test one's knowledge on subtracting two-digits (no borrowing): Horizontal || Vertical || Number Line || Word Problems.
    13. Word Problems - Eight self-checking questions.

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