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Kindergarten Interactive Math Skill Builders


Sorting - CCSS K.MD.B.3

An adult might need to read instructions to Kindergarten students for the activities below

Links verified on 10/27/2015

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Attribute Blocks - Sort the blocks by color, shape, and size.
    2. Bert's Bottlecaps - Help Bert sort the bottlecaps into categories.
    3. Checkout Cookie - Help Cookie Monster sort the food on the shelf.
    4. Elmo's Playful Pets - Sort the pets by color and size.
    5. The Laundry Game - Help Elmo sort his laundry into categories.
    6. Oscar's Trash Collection - Sort Oscar's trash by color and shape.
    7. Same Number of Things - Drag the group on the left to the group that has the same number of things
    8. Same Size - Click on the object that is the same size as the first one.
    9. Sort It Out - Help sort the objects by placing them in the correct bins.
    10. Supermarket Adventure - Help do the grocery shopping. Listen for the objects you should be looking for and place them in the cart.
    11. Zoe's Pet Shelter - Zoe has to group animals with similar characteristics. This will work best as a whole class activity. Caution! This game never ends!

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