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1st Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Sight Words - L.1.6, RF.1.3.g, RF.1.4

Links verified on 2/4/15

  1. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Letter Bugs - Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear.
  2. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Space Trash - Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear.
  3. Body Parts - Move the pictures by using the arrow on the right to match the word.
  4. Coconut Words - Three Levels. Click on correct word to complete the sentence.
  5. Crossword puzzles using Dolch Sight Words - Select a lesson and fill in the missing word.
  6. Dolch Sight Words - Games and activities.
  7. Dolch Sight Words - Select any of the four activities: Test Me, Teach Me, Play A Game, Handwriting Worksheets.
  8. Fearless Frieda - Use the keyboard to spell the words Frieda says. Three letter words on level one, four letter words on level 2.
  9. Fearless Frieda the Big Kahuna - Use the keyboard to spell the words Frieda says. Frieda starts with four letter words in this game.
  10. High Frequency Words - Six activities using sight words. Drag correct word in blank to complete the sentences.
  11. I Can Read Game - Listen to the sentence then click on the spoken word.
  12. Look, Cover & Spell - This spelling site has 30 pre-built lists of words, but you can create your own list. Double-click any word on the list and type a word appropriate for your grade level. Your student gets to see the word, then it is covered and they must type the correct spelling.
  13. Missing Letters - Find the matching sight word and type the missing letters.
  14. Sight Word Activities and Games - From Readquarium.
  15. Sight Words - Read sight words and then type them in the box.
  16. Sight Word Practice Quizzes - Many quizzes and levels. .
  17. Sight Words with Samson - Listen to the word as he pronounces it, spells it and uses it in a sentence.
  18. Spell Check - TCAP format: Select word that is spelled incorrectly.
  19. Spell words - Drag letters to create word.
  20. Spelling - Put the letters in order to create the word that is said aloud.
  21. SpellBound - See the word spelled correctly, then the letters are mixed up and you must put them in order again.
  22. Star Words - This activity provides practice at sight recognition and spelling of the 200 or so high frequency words.
  23. Three plays - Starfall site - Read and act out plays.
  24. Word Machine - A picture is displayed along with three words, click on the word that matches the picture.
  25. Word Search - Online game that features many of the first 100 sight words young readers are required to master

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