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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Rounding or Estimating - CCSS 7.NS.A.1

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Anti-Homework - Estimate angles. Correct answers will give you a homework grenade to get rid of assignments.
  2. Comparison Estimator - Compare two sets of objects by estimating.
  3. Estimate Fractional Distance - Watch Grammy carefully and estimate the fractional distance that represents where she jumped over the hedge.
  4. Estimation Valley Golf - Quickly estimate the answers to the math problems and play a round of golf!
  5. Estimating by Rounding - Practice addition with regrouping. Estimate to the nearest thousand.
  6. Estimating by Rounding - Practice subtraction with regrouping.
  7. Estimating Sum - Estimate the sum by front end estimation. No hints or clues are given.
  8. Estimator - Practice estimation skills by determining the number of objects, length, or area. Similar to the Comparison Estimator.
  9. Let's Go Shopping - Estimate by rounding to the nearest dollar as you shop.
  10. More or Less Estimator - This activity states a quantity and asks the user to estimate whether the set of objects is more or less than the number given.
  11. Spy Guys Interactive - Rounding Numbers - Watch the video and respond at various places in Lesson 9. This video includes sections which ask students to inpur responses
  12. That's Right - Estimate measurements in real-world problems using money.

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