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6th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Punctuation - CCSS L.6.2

Links verified on 10/20/2015

  1. Apostrophe Quiz - Click inside the box then copy out each sentence adding apostrophes where they are needed.
  2. Colon Exercise - Twelve multiple choice questions. Self checking.
  3. Colon Exercise - "Use a colon to improve the sentence's style by making it more forceful."
  4. Comma practice - 5 interactive quizzes of varied levels with accompanying handouts.
  5. Commas in Quotations - If you believe a comma belongs in a box, then add a comma. If you believe no punctuation is necessary, put an "x" in the box. Choose "check" to see if your decisions are right.
  6. Dear Mr. Henshaw - Practice finding mistakes in parts of a friendly letter. Look very carefully! Quia quiz.us
  7. Index of Punctuation Quizzes - Listing of numero activities to select from to practice punctuation.
  8. Interactive exercises on using commas - Exercise 1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3 - Exercise 4 - Exercise 5
  9. Is this sentence correct? - Online Quia Quiz. Select if a sentence is correct or not by clicking on the yes or no button. Teachers: If a sentence is not correct, have the students change the sentence to make it correct (to be done orally before selecting yes or no).
  10. Parts of Speech - Decide what parts of speech should be used to fill out the blanks. (Then see if you can supply an appropriate word).
  11. Power Proofreading - [Comma Practice] Choose 6th grade then select; Where They Lived Interview, Howard Shows You How, E-mail to Lou, The Evening News, Memo to Camera Operators or any one of the mixed practice exercises.
  12. Proofreading Makes Perfect - Choose Capitalization and Punctuation. Correctly rewrite the sentences.
  13. Quiz on Comma Usage - Click on "The paragraph, please!" and a paragraph will appear in the top text-area.
  14. Quiz on Punctuation - Select the correctly punctuated sentences. [10 sentences]
  15. Quiz on Punctuation #2 - Eleven sentences are used on this quiz. Select the correct punctuation for each.
  16. Quiz on Punctuation #3 - Insert the necessary punctuation marks and capitalize words where necessary.
  17. Quiz on Punctuation #4 - Click to see the paragraph and then edit the paragraph with correct punctuation.
  18. Review of Punctuation - Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly for the first seven and then select sentences which are punctuated incorrectly for the last three.
  19. Quotation Marks and Commas - Click on "The sentence, please!" and a sentence or sentences will appear in the top text-area. Insert the necessary punctuation marks -- quotation marks, commas, etc. -- and capitalize words where necessary.
  20. Using Commas - Select the sentence with the correctly used commas.
  21. Using Commas with Introductory Phrases - Click on "The sentence, please!" and a sentence will appear in the top text-area. Insert any necessary comma or commas (being careful not to insert commas where they aren't necessary).
  22. Welcome to Commas: Fill in the Blanks! - In each blank space provide a comma where it is appropriate or write a small-case "x" (without the quotation marks) where a comma is not necessary.

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