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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Punctuation - CCSS L.8.2

Links verified on 11/2/2015

  1. Apostrophe Activities
    1. Apostrophe Quiz - Click inside the box then copy out each sentence adding apostrophes where they are needed.
    2. Apostrophe Quiz #2 - Select the answer choice with the correct use of apostrophes. Self-checking.
    3. Catastrophes of Apostrophic Proportions - Practice apostrophes within text.
    4. Fun Trivia Quizzes - Five quizzes to test your knowledge on apostrophes.
    5. Power Proofreading - [Apostrophes, Colons, Semi-Colons] Choose 8th grade then select "Local News Report" for a practice exercise.
  2. Capitalization/Punctuation Activities
    1. Capitalization and Punctuation - Type in your name and click then click start. Choose the correctly capitalized and punctuated sentence(s) for the 10 multiple-choice and self-checking questions.
    2. Capitalization and Punctuation Game - Identify the sentence that is correct in this 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' style game.
    3. Power Proofreading - [Capital Letters and End Punctuation] Choose 8th grade then select "Tips for Tabitha" for a practice exercise.
    4. Punctuation and Capitalization Mastery Test - Answer 44 multiple-choice questions and then submit your answers. Provides explanations for why the answer is the answer.
    5. Grammar Blast - Read the question and choose the answer you think has the correct capitalization and punctuation. Then click the "Are you right?" button.
  3. Colon and Semi-Colon Activities
    1. Colons - Lesson on using colons effectively. Includes an interactive quiz at the bottom of page.
    2. Power Proofreading - [Apostrophes, Colons, Semi-Colons] Choose 8th grade then select "Local News Report" for a practice exercise.
    3. Quiz: Semicolons and Colons - Choose the sentence with the correct use of semicolons and colons. 11 multiple-choice and self-checking questions.
    4. Using Colons and Semi-Colons - In each sentence, decide whether a semi-colon or a comma would be most appropriate. 10 multiple-choice and self-checking questions.
  4. Comma Activities
    1. Avoiding Comma Splices - Each sentence contains a comma splice. Repair the sentence and then click on "Grammar's Version" to reveal the answer. 10 questions. Click here to try 10 additional practice questions.
    2. Comma Usage - Read the sentences carefully and insert commas where they are necessary.
    3. Commas Galore - Practice comma skills with this game similar to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
    4. Common Comma Uses - Read through the lesson and click on "continue to the exercises" for 2 practice exercises.
    5. Interactive Exercises - Five exercises with an accompanying printable handout to keep track of answers.
    6. Power Proofreading - [Comma Practice] Choose 8th grade then select "Tacky Travel" or "RoboChef" for practice exercises.
    7. Quiz - Select the answer choice with the correct use of commas. Self-checking.
    8. Rules for Comma Usage - Lesson with 11 explanations on when to use commas. After reading the lesson there are quizzes at the bottom of the page: Quiz 1 || Quiz 2 || Quiz 3 || Quiz 4.
    9. Using Commas - Quiz with 10 multiple-choice and self-checking questions.
  5. Hyphen Practices - Multiple-choice and self-checking quizzes on using hyphens between words || with -ly words || with -re words || with prefixes.
  6. Punctuation Activities
    1. 8th Grade Punctuation Jeopardy - Choose the number of teams and play a game of jeopardy to review your punctuation skills!
    2. Dear Mr. Henshaw - Quia game to help practice finding mistakes in parts of a friendly letter.
    3. Punctuate - Put in the correct punctuation: Periods, Questions Marks and Exclamation Marks.
    4. Punctuation - Fifteen multiple-choice and self-checking questions on punctuation usage.
    5. Punctuation: Fill-in-the-Blanks - Provide a comma, semicolon, or colon where appropriate or write a small-case "x" (without the quotation marks) where none of those marks is appropriate.
    6. Punctuation Campground - Make corrections to each sentence by adding in the missing punctuation. Self-checking.
    7. Punctuation Quiz - Three levels available. Determine which punctuation is missing from each question.
    8. Punctuation Quiz - Insert the punctuation that is necessary for each sentence. In spaces where no punctuation is required, write "none" in the space provided.
    9. Quizzes: Select the correctly punctuated sentence(s). Quiz 1 || Quiz 2 || Quiz 3 || Quiz 4.
    10. Star Punc - Put punctuation marks where they belong in the pieces of text from which the punctuation marks are missing. Eight texts to choose from. [These expired links are available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the pages don't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  7. Quotation Mark Activities
    1. Power Proofreading - [Direct Quotations] Choose 8th grade then select "Comedian's Sketch" for a practice exercise.
    2. Question Marks, Quotation Marks & Parentheses - Twelve question quiz on the correct use of punctuation. Self-checking.
    3. Quotation Marks - Insert any necessary punctuation marks for each sentence. Click on "Grammar's Version" to check your answer.

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