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4th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Prefixes - CCSS L.4.4.b

Links verified on 12/28/2015

  1. Constructing Prefixes - Match the prefix with the opposite meaning by dragging to construct a match.
  2. Crystal Castle - Prefixes hold the key to building the castle and making it light up.
  3. Fish Tank Game - Type the root, suffix and/or prefix to create a Fish Tank.
  4. Prefix Jig Word - Drag the prefix on the right to the correct meaning on the left.
  5. Prefix Match Word - Match the prefix to the correct meaning via a memory type game.
  6. Prefix Meanings - Match the prefix to the correct meaning.
  7. Prefixes Say Plenty Quiz - BBC activity about prefixes
  8. Race to Ramses! - Try to unlock the pyramid's puzzles before time runs out by matching
    words with prefixes.
  9. Rooting Out Words - Uncover the meaning of the prefix provided.
  10. Using Prefixes - Interactive lesson and quiz.
  11. Word Works - Select the prefix or suffix to add to base word.

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