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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Place Value - CCSS 5.NBT.A.1, 5.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.A.3

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Expanded Form of Numbers - Write the numeral the expanded form represents.
  2. Finding Place Values - Find the place value of a particular numeral within a number.
  3. Identifying Place Values - When given a numeral, identify the place value of the digits.
  4. Place Value - Choose from easy to hard rounding numbers and place value activities.
  5. Place Value in Words and Numbers - Type the correct numeral to represent the words.
  6. Place Value Party - Choose starting ages, then trade candles until both cakes have the same number.
  7. Place Value Strategy - [Game for one or two players] A spinner is used to select a number, players then decide where to place the number in order to make the greatest possible decimal value.
  8. Practice place value at FreeMathTest - numbers 10 to 99
  9. Specific Place - Find the numeral in a specific place value.
  10. There Must Be Thousands - Read, write and identify numerals to the hundred thousands.
  11. What's Your Name? - Practice writing the value of numbers in standard form or expanded notation.

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