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Kindergarten Language Arts Skill Builders


Phonics Practice - CCSS RF.K.2, RF.K.3

Links verified on 05/13/2016

  1. Exercises and Games with Audio
    1. Alphabet Antics- Choose a level and then click on the letter that matches the sound that is said.
    2. Beginning Sound - Listen to the word and type in the letter of the beginning sound. Click the levers to control the pictures.
    3. Blending Bowl - Football players blend beginning sounds and ending sounds together to produce the word. See if you can figure out the word before the two collide!
    4. Chicken Coop - Play in the "Chicken Coop" and practice phoneme matching. Pick a picture that begins with the same sound provided.
    5. Clifford's Make a Word Activity - Find the vowel that fits each word and then continue to make as many new words that you can.
    6. CVC Pop - Listen to the word being said and pop the bubbles that correctly match the word being said.
    7. Dositey - Two levels of phonics interactive activities.
    8. Fishing for Phonics - Select a level to begin. Find the missing beginning or ending sound and drag the card into the missing space.
    9. Fuzzy Lion Ears - Listen to the word and fill in the blank with the missing letter.
    10. Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure Chapter 1 - Help Gus with beginning sounds.
    11. Lanolin's Greenhouse - Click on the object that begins with the letter being replaced to form a new word.
    12. Phoneme Pop - Similar to CVC Pop. Listen to the phoneme being said and pop the bubbles that correctly match the the phoneme being said.
    13. Phonic Fighter - Click on the picture that starts with the letter shown.
    14. Poem Pack - Ten colorful poems with animation, audio and activities. Activities for each poem include Hear it, Read it, Sound Search and Find the Word concentrating on vowel blends.
    15. Pounce! - Students hear a word and "pounce" on the word that matches the word that was said.
    16. Pumpkin Patch - Click on the object that matches the new phoneme without the beginning letter sound. Excellent practice for students that have a hard time hearing individual phonemic parts!
    17. The Hay Loft - Click on the object that matches the sounds made.
    18. The Pig Waller - Practice phoneme blending. Click on the object that matches the sound Orson the pig says.
    19. Word Blender - Help Wordblender by choosing the start and end sounds for each word. This activity can be adjusted for three learning levels.
    20. Write a Postcard - Help Salty Sam with his vowels. In the first sentence, click on the focus phonemes. When you have got them all right, the next sentence appears but this time there are gaps in the words. Drag the vowel phoneme with the correct spelling into the gap in the word.
  2. Exercises and Games without Audio
    1. Construct-A-Word - Combine letters to make words on the list. Choose the ending letters and then choose beginning letters to make words.

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