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1st Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Phonics - CCSS RF.1.3

Links verified on 6/16/15

  1. AR song - Learn about AR. (need Quicktime)
  2. CVC Maker - Word Play- Make words and put them on Word list, then read them back. and Word Match - Match word shown by using arrows by the letters.
  3. Beginning and ending sounds - Teacher selects for the student out of multiple games - digraphs - concentration style games.
  4. Blends Word Wheel - Look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.
  5. Fun Fonix - Select one of three games and then play.
  6. Learn to Read - Starfall - Easy to read stories that focus on a particular vowel sound along with quizzes on the same vowel. Long and short vowels included.15 separate stories and quizzes.
  7. Letter Sounds - Click on a letter to see six pictures, click on the three pictures that begin with the letter you selected, you can continue to select letters to do this activity again. [This expired link is only available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  8. Middle Digraphs - Click on the correct middle digraphs.
  9. Missing Word - Listen to the sentence being said. Click on the missing word.
  10. Phoneme Pop - Click on the correct matches so they fall into the gray collector.
  11. Phonics Bloom - A collection of fun phonics games aimed at all levels for use in schools and at home.
  12. SpellBound - You see the word spelled correctly, then letters are mixed up and you must put them in order again.
  13. Sound it out - Click on the word that the cat says aloud. (warning- the British accent may confuse you)
  14. We Choose to Cha Cha Cha - A song about Ch. [not a game]
  15. Which Bird is Correct? - Pick the bird that is saying the written word and drag the parrot over to the word.
  16. Wild West Phonics - Choose Medium, Hard, or Really Hard to begin the game - listen to the words and help Molly send a smoke signal by choosing the correct letters to fill the gap. [Caution to the teacher - wrong answers are more fun than right ones, keep an eye on your students]
  17. Word Families - Magnetic Blackboard - Create new words from word endings.
  18. Word Families - Word family sort; pick a vowel sound and then match the words to the family.
  19. Word Maker - Select an ending, then combine letters to create words.
  20. Word Wheel - Look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.

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