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7th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Percent - CCSS 4.NF.C.6, 6.RP.A.3c, Mathematical Practices

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  1. Applying Percent - Twelve question self-checking chapter test.
  2. Applying Percents - Fourteen question self-checking chapter test.
  3. Conversions - Practice converting decimals to percents; fractions to percents; percents to decimals and percents to fractions. Each include a lesson with practice problems
  4. Determine the Percentage - What Percent is the first number of the second? Determine the answer to the nearest whole number.
  5. Finding the Percent of a Number - Lesson with practice problems.
  6. Math at the Mall - Practice percentages and finding the best deal while shopping at a virtual mall.
  7. Penguin Waiter Game - Calculate how much you owe the waiter.
  8. Percentage Calculator - This online percentage calculator shows how a percentage is represented as a fraction of a number.
  9. Percentages - Discover relationships between fractions, percents and decimals.
  10. Percents and Ratios - An index of pages that teach percent and ratio skills covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an instruction and review, practice and a quiz.
  11. Percent Problems - A one-player, or two-player game from Quia. Answer the questions correctly to score points.
  12. Percent with a Calculator - Practice problems to solve, but don't run your mouse over the colored blocks until you have an answer in mind.
  13. Pie Chart - Interactive pie chart creator. (Parameters: number of sectors, size of sector as a percent)
  14. Practice Solving Percent Problems - Fifteen questions with the answers available.
  15. Shopping at Troy's Toys - Solve 5 problems in each level. [Level 1: Find the sale price when the original price and percent discount are known. Level 2: Find the percent discount when the original price and the sale price are known.]
  16. Solving Percent Problems Using a Pyramid Grid - An interactive learning activity with example problems included.
  17. Spy Guys Interactive - Percent - Watch the video and respond at various places. This video includes sections which ask students to inpur responses
  18. Using the Proportion Method to Solve Percent Problems - Lesson with example problems and additional practice exercises.
  19. What percentage has been shaded - Guess the percent of the shaded pie chart.
  20. Testing Your Knowledge on Percents with these 5-question self-checking quizzes:
  21. -Estimating with Percents

    -Fractions and Percents

    -Finding Percent of a Quantity

    -Fractions, Decimals and Percents

    -Percent and Estimation

    -Percent of a Number

    -Percent of a Number (2)

    -Percent of Change

    -Percentages and Proportions

    -Percents and Decimals

    -Percents and Decimals (2)

    -Percents and Fractions

    -Percents and Wholes

    -Percents Greater Than 100% and Percents Less than 1%

    -The Percent Proportion

    -Using Percents

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