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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Patterns - CCSS 6.EE.B.7, 6.EE.C.9

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Investigate Valentines - You must figure out how many Valentines are exchanged. [number patterns used]
  2. Number Cracker - Guess what number comes next in the series of numbers.
  3. Patterns in Geometry - Five shelf-checking multiple-choice questions.
  4. Patterns - [Grade 7] Figure out the patterns, if you can!
  5. Spy Guys Interactive - Summarizing/Extending Patterns - Watch the video and respond at various places Lesson 8. This video includes sections which ask students to inpur responses
  6. What Comes Next? - Find the next shape in the pattern.
  7. Writing Rules for Patterns - Five shelf-checking multiple-choice questions.

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