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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Online Reading Skills - CCSS RL.8.10, RI.8.10

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Reading Exercises
    1. How Are They Selling It? - Students read three advertisements and evaluate the type of persuasive writing being employed.
    2. Looking for the Fine Print - Students read advertisements to practice reading critically.
    3. Online Lessons - In addition to the above cloze exercises, speed reading, science readings and other extensive reading exercises are available.
    4. Online Reading - Practice reading books online. A selection of non-interactive as well as audio stories available online.
    5. Practice Reading - [Not Interactive] Two 8th grade passages to read and answer questions about. When finished, print the page and give it to your teacher.
    6. Reading Comprehension - Practice reading comprehension skills with an assortment of activities, games, quizzes and tests.
    7. Science Reading Practice - Each paragraph is on a different screen and some of the difficult words are defined. After reading the article, you can take a short vocabulary quiz.
  2. Reading Quizzes and Tests
    1. Mini-Stories with Cloze Reading Passages: Ten minute timed quizzes - Story 1 || Story 2 || Story 3 || Story 4 || Story 5 || Story 6 || Story 7 || Story 8
    2. Reading for Details - Short stories with quizzes to see how many details you noticed and can remember.
    3. Speed Reading Test Online - When you are ready, click on the Start button. Read all the way to the bottom and then click on the Done button. You will get a report of your reading speed.

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