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Kindergarten Interactive Math Skill Builders


Number Order - CCSS K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4.c

An adult might need to read instructions to Kindergarten students for the activities below

Links verified on 10/27/2015

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bees And Honey - Numeration exercise - use this to help mouse skills.
    2. Caterpillar Slider Game -
    3. Count The Dots - Connect the dots to create pictures. Can print out picture.
    4. Connect The Dots To Make A picture- Connect numbers 1-20 in correct order.
    5. Connect The Dots To Make A picture - Connect numbers 1-18 worksheet to download and print
    6. Counting Up - What is the next number when counting up? Students click on the number that comes next, counting up.
    7. Counting Down -What is the next number if counting down?
    8. Find The Missing Number - Fill in the missing number from one to ten. This is a keyboarding activity, not a mouse activity.
    9. Numerical Order - Click and drag the numerals in correct order.
    10. Order The Numbers - Put hats in numerical order. Higher level thinking required as some numbers are missing and they must pass over those to see what comes next in sequence.
    11. Ordering Game - Drag numbers in the correct order.
    12. Ordering Numbers - A lesson and practice on placing numbers in numerical order.
    13. Ordering Numbers Game - Put the hats in the correct order.
    14. Ordering Numbers - Pop the balloons in the correct order.
    15. Ordering Numbers Games - Many games to choose.
    16. Sorter - Swap two or more numbers around and let partner put back in correct order.

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