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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Measurement - CCSS 1.MD.A.1, 1.MD.A.2

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  1. Using a Ruler
    1. Length Measurement - Interactive lesson with practice questions on the concepts short and long, wide and narrow, tall and short.
    2. Length Strength - Measure the objects to the nearest inches.
    3. Measure it - Numerous activities to practice using a ruler to measure inches and centimeters.
    4. Measure the Teddy Bears - [scroll down to the bear] Click on the correct measurement. Good for whole class review.
    5. Mr. Anker Tests Measurement - Use a ruler to measure the inch, half inch, or quart inch of the objects.
    6. Ruler Games - Many exercises using a Metric Ruler and English Ruler to measure inches, centimeters, and millimeters.
    7. Sal's Sub Shop - Use rulers to help measure subs 5 or 10/16 inches long, or 12 and 2/5 centimeters long.
    8. The Ruler Game - Learn to read a ruler (inches only). Click on "Start New Game" or select to turn the timer off and choose an increment (sixteenths, eighths, quarters, half, wholes).
    9. The Ruler Game II - Drag the pointer to the position on the ruler that corresponds to the correct answer.
    10. Time to Move - Move the fish to the correct tank. Big fish go in the big tank and small fish in the small tank. Use the ruler to measure which fish goes where.

  2. Using a Scale -
    1. Balance Scales - Click on the object that is heavier.
    2. Bunny Balance - Audio required. Listen to the instructions to know which bunnies to put on the scale.
    3. Mr. Pip's Fruit Balance - Balance the fruits by putting them on the scale. The mass of the fruits can be changed and sample questions are provided to help measure the mass of the fruits.
    4. Ounce or Pound? - Determine which unit you would use to weigh the object.
    5. Ounce to Pounds - Match the pairs correctly.
    6. Poddle Weigh-In - Hacker has removed all of the weights from the Poddles, you must use the scales to estimate their correct weight.
    7. Scale Reader - Select the a measurement (up to 5kg, 500g, 1kg, 6kg). Read the scales and type in the weight.
    8. SeeSaw HeeHaws - Your help is needed to make the seesaw go up and down. Click on the animals to see how many it will take to balance the seesaw. Click "next" to go to the next question.
    9. Weigh It Up - A problem solving activity which uses a set of scales and a variety of shapes. All the shapes have different values and your task is to work out how much each shape is worth in order to balance the scales.
    10. Which is Heavier? - Click on the heaviest object.

  3. Using a Thermometer
    1. Interactive Thermometer - Slide the temperature up or down and see items that match the temperature.
    2. Read a Thermometer - Practice problems using both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    3. Show the Temperature - Using the thermometer set the correct temperature for each question.
    4. Thermometer Generator - Create your own worksheets by making your own questions with the temperature, units, and question.
    5. Thermometer Readings Quiz - Fill in the blank with the correct temperature on the picture. Eight self-checking questions.

  4. Using Non-Standard Units -
    1. Are We There Yet? - Select appropriate unit of measure.
    2. Estimate the Pounds - Determine which unit you would use to weigh the object.
    3. Hop To It - Help frog jump across the pond by determining the size of the hop needed to get to each lily pad.
    4. How Big Are You? - Determine how many objects it would take to measure each dinosaur.
    5. How Tall? - Measure each object with Curious George.
    6. Length Strength II - Measure the objects using paperclips.
    7. Measuring Up - Help Clifford determine which object is the smallest, largest, thickest, thinnest, etc.
    8. Taller or Shorter? - Compare the size of objects to determine which is taller or shorter.

  5. Volume Measuring
    1. Can You Fill It? - Fill the container with the pots using the least amount of pours.
    2. Measurements Quiz - Match the unit of measurement.
    3. More or Less - Determine the capacity of each object. Eight question self-checking quiz.
    4. Which is More? - Click on the container that has the most water.

  6. Additional Resources
    1. Flashcards: Measurement and Comparisons - Quizlet flashcard set with 38 cards that can be used to studying, playing games, or testing.
    2. Teaching Measures - Choose from three modules: length, mass, and capacity. Each category offers several activities, games, resources, and worksheets.
    3. Which Tool? - Click the correct tool to measure the object. Great to use with groups or the whole class.

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