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6th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Map Skills

Links verified on 8/5/09

  1. Are We There Yet? - Answer ten questions by reading information from maps.
  2. A Map for All Reasons - Drag and drop each map part to the correct situation.
  3. Find your Longitude - Play an interactive game on the NOVA site.
  4. Map and Globe Quiz - Test your knowledge on identifying the parts of a map and a globe.
  5. Map Reading Activities - Practice reading maps using compasses, latitude, longitude and more.
  6. Map Skills Quiz - Take this quiz to test your knowledge of reading maps.
  7. Puzzle Maps from iKnowThat.com - From the Physical Features section select Continents and Ocean. After selecting the game you will be asked to register. Click on "Maybe Later," to go to the game. The game has a "Read it to Me" button.
  8. Reading Map Symbols - identify symbols with words
  9. Latitude and Longitude quiz - online quiz that checks answers
  10. Index of topics and quizzes offered by David J. Leveson at CUNY in Brooklyn, NY
  11. What’s On a Map? - Answer eight questions about using various parts of a map.

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