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6th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Main Idea -CCSS RL.6.2, RI.6.2

Links verified on 11/6/2015

  1. Main Idea Quiz - Find the main idea in this Quia quiz.
  2. Finding the Main Idea - Read the passages and tell where the main idea is located.
  3. Get The Idea - Read text to determine the main idea or essential message and identify relevant supporting details and facts.
  4. Identify the Main Idea - Read and answer 4 questions.
  5. Identify the Main Idea - Read and answer 6 questions.
  6. Main Idea and Supporting Detail - Choose the main idea of the paragraphs. Remember to make sure the main idea is covers the entire paragraph, not just one sentence. Quia quiz.
  7. Reading Detective - Reach each paragraph carefully in this Quia quiz and decide what it is mostly about.
  8. Reading Headlines - Read eight headlines and try to determine what the article is about.
  9. Strategies for Better Reading - When you summarize, eliminate unnecessary details. Focus on the main idea of the whole passage.
  10. Understanding What You Read - Online interactive tutorial and quiz.
  11. What's the Big Idea - Solve a riddle by answering questions about the main idea.

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