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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Interpret Maps - CCSS RH.6-8.7

Links verified on 12/24/2015

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Find your Longitude - Play an interactive game on the NOVA site.
    2. Reading a City Map - Use the city map to answer the questions.
    3. Reading Maps - Use the map above to answer the questions below.
  2. Practice Quizzes and Tests
    1. Index of Topics and Quizzes Offered by David J. Leveson at CUNY in Brooklyn, NY. Many map activities to choose from.
    2. Latitude and Longitude Quiz - Finding out the latitude and longitude of selected points on a globe. Questions with answers.
    3. Map and Globe Quiz - Test your knowledge on identifying the parts of a map and a globe.
    4. Map Reading Awareness Quiz - This your level of awareness and knowledge in map reading.
    5. Map Reading Quiz - Determine the best answer for each question using the map provided.
    6. Map Skills Quiz - Take this quiz to test your knowledge of reading maps.

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