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8th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Interpret Graphs

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bar Graph - Enter data to create a bar graph, then manipulate the graph's maximum and minimum values.
    2. Chart Reading Practice - Use the chart to answer the 10 questions.
    3. Chart Study: American Presidents - Practice finding information in tables and reading for specific purposes. Answer the questions on the right with the information from the table on the left.
    4. Choose the Best Type of Graph - Determine which graph should be used for each question.
    5. Circle Graph - Enter data categories and the value of each category to create a circle graph (similar to "Pie Chart" but the user can define the data set).
    6. Data Picking - Students collect data, enter tally marks or numbers and then select which graph is appropriate.
    7. Interpreting Circle (Pie) Graphs - Students practice by answering eight questions about the graph.
    8. Interpreting Column (Bar) Graphs - Students practice by answering ten questions about the graph.
    9. Interpreting Data - Survey a small group by clicking on each of the children, turn the tally marks into two types of graphs and then go back and take a different survey.
    10. Interpreting Line Graphs - Explore line graphs in this interactive lesson with practice problems.
    11. Pie Chart - Interactive pie chart creator and viewer (parameters: number of sectors, size of sector as a percent).
    12. Piece Of Pie - Interactive lesson and practice on using data in a circle graph.
    13. Push Ups - Interactive lesson and practice on collecting data to put on a line graph.
    14. Spy Guys Interactive - Understanding and Interpreting Graphs - Watch the video and respond at various places Lesson 10. This video includes sections which ask students to inpur responses
    15. Stem and Leaf Plotter - An interactive applet that allow students to input data or to practice calculating the mean, median, and mode of a given data set.
  2. Practice Quizzes and Tests
    1. Reading Charts and Graphs Quiz - Answer questions about information presented in various kinds of charts and graphs.

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