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1st Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Graphing - CCSS 1.MD.4

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Exercises and Games

  1. Animal Island Data - Choose a level and help Molly count the animals to complete the charts.
  2. Bar Chart - Create your own graphs online for class discussions.
  3. Bar Graph Sorter - Interactive activity for students to sort shapes by color or by shape in order to create a bar graph.
  4. Bugs in the System - Help clear the room of bugs by dragging them to the bar graph.
  5. Circle Graphs and Pie Charts - Create labels and enter the number of items in each category that you want to display, then click the Draw Graph.
  6. Counting Objects - Fill in the graph by clicking on one square for each animal shown.
  7. Create a Graph - Select a graph type (bar, line, area, pie, XY) and begin creating, designing, and labeling. Save your graph or print it off.
  8. Data Graphs - Display your data as a bar graph, line graph, or pie chart.
  9. Data Picking - Students collect data, enter tally marks or numbers and then select which graph is appropriate.
  10. Favorite Colors: Bar Graph - Study and interpret the graph to answer the 5 questions.
  11. Favorite Vegetables: Bar Graph - Study and interpret the graph to answer the 5 questions.
  12. Fruit Fall - Help the farmer catch the falling fruit and keep track of the catch on a bar chart.
  13. Graph and Tally - Carry out surveys and record your observations in tally charts, pictographs, venn diagrams, picture graphs, and bar graphs.
  14. Grapher - Interactive column graph maker. Students can change values and labels.
  15. Graphmaster - From Mr. Nussbaum. Allows students to create three different interactive, printable graphs on one screen based on data collected in a survey or poll of their classmates. What makes Graph Master so useful is the fact that after students make their graphs, the program asks them eight multiple choice questions about their graphs using the inputted data.
  16. I Am Special - Interactive web lesson on picture graphs. Demonstrated how they are used in real world situations as students organize information, record data, and use mathematical language to read and interpret the graphs.
  17. Ice Cream Graphing - (Grades 1-3) An introduction to graphing where the object is to construct a pie chart and bar graph based on specific ice cream orders.
  18. Interpret Bar Graphs - Read the graph and answer questions about it.
  19. Introduction to Bar Graphs - A Mr. Nussbaum drill with 10 self-checking questions.
  20. Kids Have Pets - Interactive web lesson about the parts of a bar graph and how to collect information.
  21. Kinds of Graphs - Interactive web lesson on the various types of graphs, including circle, line, bar, picture, and histogram.
  22. Mathville Graphs - Click on the last house that says "Graph" to begin the game. Sort the fruit and vegetables by putting them where they belong on the graph ("white box").
  23. Olivia Octogon - Help Olivia make and read graphs.
  24. Pictogram Graph - Build a simple pictograph by choosing the pictures and setting the scale.
  25. Pictograph Maker - Pick a picture and scale and make a pictograph that you can print.
  26. Picture Graphs - A Mr. Nussbaum drill with 8 self-checking questions.
  27. Pie Chart - Use a pie chart to help plan for a party.
  28. Play Ball - Interactive web lesson on interpreting data found in graphs.
  29. Read the Graph - Look at the graph and answer the questions. For more of challenge, try Read the Graph II.
  30. Tally Chart - Use the tally chart to answer the questions.
  31. Tally Marks - A Mr. Nussbaum drill with 10 self-checking questions.
  32. Tallying Collecting and Grouping Data - similar to the older Data Picking activity
  33. What's the Point? - Locate the coordinates for the point displayed on the graph.
  34. Which Bar Graph is Correct? - Read the problem and examine the graphs to select the one that represents the problem.

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